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Volpes offers a wide range of fabrication and colours to match our sheeting, quilt sets, comforters and duvet covers. Choose from easy-care polycotton, 100% cotton, Egyptian Cotton, washed Cotton, and winter brushed Cotton. Our locally manufactured pillowcases are generously oversized for natural shrinkage and will fit snug after the second or third wash. Available in standard, king, continental and body pillow sizes.

Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night is so important for our health and wellbeing. If you find yourself having a restless night sleep, or struggling to fall asleep in the first place, make sure your head is resting as comfortably as possible on a soft pillowcase. 

A good pillow and pillowcase can make a huge difference to the comfort of a bed. Here are some tips for choosing a pillow cover that can help you get a great night's sleep.

Which pillowcase to choose?

If you're looking for the best pillowcases, take a look at what they're made out of. The material used will provide a layer of comfort. It's important that your bedding is as comfortable as it can be. Our pillowcase range comes in polycotton, brushed Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, cotton percale, washed Cotton and even a 600-thread count premium cotton option.

Polycotton pillowcase

Polycotton is made from a blend of polyester and Cotton. By mixing these two materials, you create a fabric that is strong yet soft. The pillowcase is washable, quick to dry and hardly wrinkles. 

Brushed Cotton pillowcase

Made of 100% cotton that's been brushed to give it a very soft feeling, this pillowcase is particularly useful in winter due to the brushed cotton trapping heat, keeping you warmer on a cold night.

Egyptian Cotton pillowcase

This luxurious 100% cotton has a 300 thread count and is extra soft, comfy and long-lasting, with a beautiful sheen.

Cotton percale pillowcase

Our cotton percale offering includes our 200 thread count and is smooth, elegant and has a natural crisp feel.

Washed Cotton pillowcase

This is a 100% cotton, extra soft range that has been especially laundered for a lived-in, modern and stylish look. Plus, the pillowcase never needs ironing!

600 thread count pillowcase

Volpes also offers a super luxurious 600 thread count pillowcase range in 6 different colours, with a super soft and sateen look and feel. 

Where can I buy the best pillowcases?

If you're looking for pillowcases in South Africa, Volpes stocks a wide range of options in various fabrics and colours. Browse our range online or visit a Volpes store near you.