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If you want your bedroom to be a welcoming and comfortable sanctuary while withstanding time, make sure all your bedding is made from high-quality materials. Cotton is a wonderful, natural material that is tried and tested over the years to make the best bed linen. If you're looking for an update to your bedroom or just a new duvet cover set, you'll find Cotton offers many advantages while looking great too.

Why choose cotton bedding?

Cotton is smooth, crisp and comfortable. You'll find a good-quality cotton duvet cover set that is soft to the touch. Due to its natural characteristics, cotton bedding also helps to regulate body temperature as you sleep. It helps to keep you cool in summer and warmer in winter. The breathable fabric absorbs moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the night. Good news for allergy suffers – Cotton is also hypoallergenic, and therefore, will not irritate sensitive skin.

 You'll also find cotton duvet cover sets are durable and worth the investment. They do not fade or tear as easily as some synthetic alternatives. A 100% cotton duvet cover set will last much longer than an artificial alternative. Your cotton bedding is also easy to wash – just pop it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry. You don't need fancy washing powders or special care.

Which cotton duvet cover sets are best?

When choosing a cotton duvet cover set, look for cotton bedding with a higher thread count. Generally, fabrics with higher thread counts are more durable and softer to the touch. At Volpes, our luxurious, pure cotton duvet cover sets are available in 200, 300 and 600 thread count. Our range of percale cotton duvet covers sets offer outstanding quality. The term percale refers to the actual weave pattern and creates a very durable fabric as a result. Percale threads are woven together with the warp and weft threads crossing over each other in a checkerboard pattern. Due to the percale weaving process, your Volpes cotton bedding will get softer and more comfortable with every wash.

Where can I buy cotton duvet covers?

Volpes stock a wide range of cotton duvet cover sets, and you'll find an option to suit your pocket and your style. Classic, contemporary, modern or traditional, we have a design for every season and look. 

Shop online and have your new bedding delivered straight to your door, or visit one of our stores nationwide.